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Gabriele, 20 years-old, brazilian
fondue for two.: Glee Girl Character Quiz (source: http://kydneygleeks.tumblr.com/)




Insert an ‘x’ in the spaces that apply to you and add up your results for each girl. Post the name of the girl you are.

Rachel Berry

        [x] You are in love with Broadway
        [x] You’ve been called annoying
        [x] You are/were an excellent student
        [x] You’re an only child
        [x] You are preppy
        [x] You love to perform
        [x] You support LGBTQ rights
        [] You are high maintenance
        [x] You are a control freak
        [x] You love metaphors

        Quinn Fabray

        [x] You are very self-conscious
        [x] You are/were popular in high school
        [] You have given birth
        [] You are/were a cheerleader/dancer
        [] You are independent
        [x] You’ve been told that you’re pretty
        [] You’ve cheated in a relationship
        [x] You are/were a good student
        [] You don’t have a good relationship with your parents
        [x] You don’t open up about your feelings easily

        Santana Lopez

        [] You are/were a closeted homosexual/bisexual/whatever
        [x] You have a short temper
        [] You tell it like it is
        [] You have no problem with cosmetic surgery
        [] You’ve been called a slut and/or a bitch
        [x] You have one best friend
        [] You are/were a cheerleader/dancer
        [x] You’re not that great a student
        [x] You love to sing
        [x] You have a good sense of humor

        Brittany S. Pierce

        [x] You are a cheerful person
        [x] You love to dance
        [x] You like pop music
        [] You are a bad student
        [x] You love candy/soda/sugar
        [] Cats are your favorite animal
        [] You’ve been called stupid
        [] You find it very easy to make friends
        [] You are confident
        [] You are just as happy on your own as with people

        Mercedes Jones

        [] You’re a born performer
        [x] You’ve been called a diva
        [] You have a colorful style
        [] You like to stand out
        [] You feel like you’re forgotten about a lot
        [x] You like nerdy guys
        [] You’re a great singer
        [] You’re an average student
        [] You have a nose ring
        [x] You have struggle with self esteem

        Tina Cohen-Chang

        [] You have a gothic/punk style
        [] You listen to alternative/rock/metal
        [] You’re extremely shy
        [x] You’re very emotional
        [] You need to express yourself
        [x] You cry a lot
        [x] You are artistic
        [] You’ve dyed your hair
        [x] You’re a romantic
        [] You’re quiet

        Result: Rachel Berry ★

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